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When using asynchronous methods - you have created your own implementation of Task that cannot be awaited. While I looked at your example, it still is somewhat confusing to me. For example: what if I wanted to simply do

byte[] request = await clientSocket.ReadBytesAsync();
right now I am doing:
byte[] request = null;
await Task.Run(() =>
  request = clientSocket.ReadBytes();
which works fine, but is rather wasteful since you have the entire framework in there already. Can you please point me to the right docs?

asked Sep 02 at 09:23

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chilkat ♦♦

The reason Chilkat offers the Async alternatives for methods is to provide a consistent means for asynchronous functionality that is cross-platform and cross-language. Some environments may already provide async capability, and in that case you can freely choose one or the other. For example, using C# in VS2015 provides the the async/await C# language features. However, a programmer using VS2005 (.NET Framework 2.0) does not have async/await.

One difference is w/ the WinRT Chilkat API. In this case, the Chilkat methods are "awaitable" and there is no Chilkat.Task object. For example:

(awaitable) public IAsyncOperation<bool> GetFileAsync(string remoteFilePath, string localFilePath);


answered Sep 02 at 10:07

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chilkat ♦♦

edited Sep 02 at 10:07

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