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Chilkat FTP2 GetFile method changes the encoding of the file

Sep 19 '16 at 11:24

I am using GetFile method of my Ftp2 object to fetch a file and store it locally to then process it.

These are CSV files, which are originally stored in UTF-8 format.

I am finding after the file is save locally that the format of the file has changed, as when attempting to read in the file with accented characters they import incorrectly i.e. "?"

I have proven that this is the problem, as if I re-save the file in UTF-8 format and then run my import process then all the accented characters display correctly.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

No, Chilkat does NOT modify the contents of the file. If your transfer mode is binary, then the exact bytes are downloaded. No changes.

If your transfer mode is ASCII, then line endings (CRLF vs LF) are automatically translated (by the server) from the source system's format to the destination's.