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I have seen answers to ReadTimeout, but I want an overall timeout and the answers I saw all required event callbacks. Can you provide an example of using an event callback in JScript? (We are in a WSH environment, not the browser).

asked Oct 15 at 12:23

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I don't know the syntax of what would be required for a callback from the ActiveX w/ JScript.

However, a better choice might be to call the Async version of the method, and then wait a max time for the Chilkat.Task to complete. If it hasn't completed in that time, you can cancel the task (by calling Task.Cancel).

Here is an example in VBScript:

VBScript: Cancel Async Task if not Completed after a Max Time


answered Oct 16 at 12:13

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chilkat ♦♦

Yes, I had a prototype of that running. I am hesitant to add this into my infrastructure due to the overhead of creating/destroying background threads (we pre-allocate all of ours).

I tried a number of variations on hooking into events that Google offered up, but none of them worked (even the ones that accepted the odd double colon syntax).

(Oct 17 at 08:40) ddupont
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