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SFTP download not triggering file move on site

Jan 19 '17 at 11:26

Hello, I have been using the SFTP component for a couple of years to download various files from a client's site. Files are downloaded from our site profile's "outbox" directory. Downloading the file always triggers the site to move it to our site profile's "sent" directory. Always, that is, until middle of last week. Many of the files that we download from the client are 0-byte files. The transmitted information is all contained in the filename. Around the middle of last week, the 0-byte files suddenly stopped being moved to the "sent" directory after they were downloaded. The non-0-byte files are still being moved to the "sent" directory correctly. Nothing has changed in our code for many months. Discussions with the client's tech team have been unfruitful so far. They have been unable to determine why their site is suddenly not moving the 0-byte files any more.

When I manually download the 0-byte files with a FTP program (WinSCP in this case) then they do get moved to the sent folder correctly. Does anyone know what the FTP program would be doing differently than the Chilkat SFTP component? It doesn't seem likely that our client is going to change anything on their site to fix this issue, so I need to figure out what I can do differently with the Chilkat component to get these files to move correctly after our program downloads them.