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I work in Xojo with a lot of plugins: a few Einhugur, Valentina, MBS and Chilkat. Xojo has a maximum number of functions that can be registered for plugins. A few days ago I ran again into this limit. This makes a nice hard crash in Xojo. I was really very lucky that they had already changed this for an upcoming version.

Therefore my feature request: please think about segmenting your plugin into multiple plugins. At the moment it's not urgent - just something to think about in the future.

asked Mar 03 '17 at 08:56

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Thanks Beatrix,

Actually, a long time ago the Chilkat ActiveX was this way. Breaking it into multiple plugins introduces other significant problems -- namely dependencies and version mismatches. A single DLL is actually the best solution. :)


answered Mar 06 '17 at 08:50

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chilkat ♦♦

Thanks for the info! That's really a pity. I have to work with the latest alpha because I ran into the plugin calls limit - and got a nice rap on the knuckles for doing so.

With the Monkeybreadsoft plugins this type of segmenting has worked very well in the last years. But YMMV.


answered Mar 07 '17 at 10:30

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