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Today I downloaded and upgraded to the newest build (v9.5.0.66, 19-Mar-2017) of the Chilkat C/C++ Libs for VC++ 12.0 XP / win32 (Platform Toolset v120_xp).

Now the CkGlobal::UnlockBundle() method suddenly fails with the following error message:

    DllDate: Mar 19 2017
    UnlockPrefix: NONE
    Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit
    Language: Visual C++ 12.0 (32-bit)
    VerboseLogging: 1
    component: Global
      product: ChilkatBundle
      mm: 12
      yy: 2016
      versionBirthYear: 2017
      versionBirthMonth: 3
      Unlock code not valid for this version.

I have verified the unlock code and it works fine with build

If I read the error message correctly, it tells me that my unlock code expired in December 2016, but the newest build if from March 2017. Thus not permitting me to use this unlock code with builds released after December 2016.

This however does not correspond with the current license terms which state that the license is perpetual and only support expires. Am I seeing the result of a new licensing policy or is this an actual error?

asked Apr 04 '17 at 06:27

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edited Apr 04 '17 at 06:30

Thanks. I'm sorry it's confusing, and I'll try to explain. Here are the details, in no particular order..

  1. The licensing policy did change at the time when Bundle unlock codes were introduced and the format of the unlock code was changed. The new format unlock code looks something like this: xxxxxx.CB1MMYY_... where MMYY is a month/year. It means that the unlock code is valid for new versions released on or before the end of MM/YY.
  2. The license is perpetual, which means that for valid versions, it never expires. Thus, you can use v9.5.0.65 forever.
  3. Prior to the new unlock code format, the licensing allowed for new version updates forever. The old format individual unlock codes may still be used w/ the newest versions of Chilkat. For example, if you have old format unlock codes for HTTP, SSH, FTP2, etc. then each of those may be passed to the corresponding UnlockComponent method in v9.5.0.66, and it will work.

answered Apr 04 '17 at 08:44

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chilkat ♦♦

I don't understand, so I cannot use the CB10217_XXXX for the version of I must unlock all component one by one??


answered Apr 10 '17 at 08:36

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edited Apr 10 '17 at 08:39

Unless you renew the subscription, that code will only support versions released before or until February 2017. If you still have the "old" individual component unlock codes, they will still work with, but global unlocking is not possible.

(Apr 10 '17 at 11:39) roan98dk
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