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We are using the chilkat libraries in a java app that will be deployed to Windows, Linux and Mac. We have downloaded the libraries for Java for all 3 platforms. From a deployment perspective, it seems clear to simply include chilkat.dll for Windows, libchilkat.so for Linux and libchilkat.jnilib for Mac. However, the chilkat.jar file appears to be different for each platform, so I am unsure of how to compile and deploy that dependency. Is the jar file platform dependent as well?

asked Aug 14 '17 at 09:51

Mike%20S's gravatar image

Mike S

The jar really isn't platform dependent. The Windows version of the jar would include some methods/properties in some classes that are Windows-only. For example, things having to do with Windows Certificate Stores, etc. If your code is cross-platform, then you wouldn't be using any of the Windows specific functionality, so you could pick either the Linux or Mac jar to use for all three systems.


answered Aug 14 '17 at 20:53

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chilkat ♦♦

Great, thanks!


answered Aug 15 '17 at 07:12

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Mike S

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