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I have a client application connecting to a server using SSL/TLS. When I try to reconnect to the server socket after disconnecting, I get an error on the client handshake. Currently I am attempting to do this by explicitly specifying the client certificate.

ChilkatLog: Connect_Socket(157ms): ChilkatVersion: clsSocketConnect(157ms): hostname: port: 3600 tls: 1 maxWaitMs: 100000 socket2Connect(63ms): connect2(63ms): hostname: port: 3600 ssl: 1 connectImplicitSsl(63ms): Clearing TLS client certificates. connectSocket: domainOrIpAddress: port: 3600 connectTimeoutMs: 100000 connect_ipv6_or_ipv4: This is an IPV4 numeric address. Domain to IP address resolution not needed. connecting to IPV4 address... ipAddress: createSocket: Setting SO_SNDBUF size sendBufSize: 262144 Setting SO_RCVBUF size recvBufSize: 4194304 --createSocket connect: Waiting for the connect to complete... myIP: myPort: 61013 socket connect successful. --connect --connect_ipv6_or_ipv4 --connectSocket clientHandshake(63ms): certChain(16ms): subjectDN: CN=opsl_ccs --certChain cacheClientCerts: Cached TLS client certificates. certChain: subjectDN: CN=opsl_ccs --certChain --cacheClientCerts clientHandshake2(47ms): readHandshakeMessages(47ms): sockRecv: Socket operation timeout. Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record. b: 0 dbSize: 0 nReadNBytes: 0 --readHandshakeMessages --clientHandshake2 --clientHandshake Client handshake failed. (3) --connectImplicitSsl ConnectFailReason: 103 --connect2 --socket2Connect Failed. --clsSocketConnect Failed. --Connect_Socket --ChilkatLog

asked Sep 14 '17 at 17:43

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Asked: Sep 14 '17 at 17:43

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