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Is the Chilkat Upload component freeware?

Nov 10 '16 at 08:23

On the site it says Freeware on Chilkat upload component, but when downloading it’s a 30 day trial. Will the upload work even if the rest doesn’t after 30 days?


Yes, the Chilkat Upload component (i.e. the CkUpload C++ class, the CkoUpload Objective-C class, the Chilkat.Upload .NET class, etc. ) is freeware. Except for the individual ActiveX downloads, the Chilkat downloads contain a mixture of both freeware and commercial classes. The freeware classes are marked in the reference documentation (such as here: ) with a green colored "(F)". Many of the freeware classes are supporting classes used by multiple non-freeware classes (such as Chilkat.Cert). The freeware classes do not need to be unlocked, nor do they expire.


Is that mean for example in ActiveX version, JSON object can be used in commercial application without commercial license ?

I want to ask if you can add some remark/descripion about Freeweare to this followed URL document:


Yes, that is correct. The JsonObject and JsonArray are freeware classes and may be used in commercial applications without the need to purchase.


Thanks for answer.

Best regards, mLipok