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Using an MHT Web Archive as a Template for HTML Email?

Jun 29 '12 at 11:11

If I may be so bold as to pick your brains. I have been using mailman non-stop for about 100 years – it is a real workhorse

But now I need to re-think my email strategy – I send out a newsletter to about 5000 subscribers every day and in the past I have rendered the same .aspx page 5000 times in order to add dynamic adverts etc. But this is now putting too much strain on my servers, so I am looking at creating one html file and sending that – and thinking of using your MHT

Is this the correct way to go – render an .aspx /html page – getandsaveMHT that page to disk – then pick up that single mht page and send to 5000

The reason I am asking is confusion around mht / eml / mime – which is the better way to save / send as an email ?

Any help very much appreciated


Yes, that is exactly what you can do. See this older Chilkat blog post about MHT / EML:

In summary, MHT is MIME just like EML. The only difference is the intended purpose -- .mht indicates that the file is web page intended to be viewed in a browser, vs. .eml is intended to be an email. The file extension defines what app will start and load the file if it's double-clicked from Windows Explorer. If you double-click on a .mht file, then IE starts and loads the .mht, if you double-click on a .eml, then your default email client, such as Mozilla Thunderbird starts and loads the .eml. A .eml is identical to a .mht, except it'll have MIME headers that are specific to email: From, To, CC, Subject, etc..

Also, if IE can save a web page to .mht that is reasonable (i.e. not over-complicated with javascript and Microsoft crap-isms) such that it's good for email, then you don't even need Chilkat MHT to produce the .mht..