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XML, application crash when calling certain methods (Paradox 11)

Jan 16 '13 at 00:52


first of all i would like to thank Chilkat for the free ActiveX-Objects, the good references and examples.

Unfortunately, I have some problems with the XML ActiveX-Objects, which i´m using with Paradox 11 / ObjectPAL. The program crashes (Windows Error, "Paradox for Windwows isn´t working anymore", don´t know if it´s the correct english translation :-( ) when i try to call certain methods of XML-Objects, like addChildTree or SearchAllForContent. But most of the methods work. Maybe a hint, maybe not: these two methods both have XML-Objects in their signature. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to solve these problems. Of course i could just write my own methods to add childtrees or search for content, but i would like to use the "build-in" methods :-) I use Windows 7, 32 Bit by the way. Oh and it wouldn´t surprise me if you don´t know Paradox / ObjectPAL; it´s not used often nowadays. ;-| Thanks,




Make sure you test using the latest version. If you are certain that the crash occurs within the XML ActiveX, then send the simplest possible snippet of code to, along with any XML data required to reproduce the problem. It should be VERY SIMPLE. If the crash can be reproduced (using something such as VBScript or VB6) then it should be easily fixed. (The environment from which an ActiveX is called should not make any difference.)