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purchased recently imap .net 45 login rejects valid password

Apr 29 '13 at 08:08

I just purchased the imap bundle and use the chilkatdotnet45 dll.

When passing the following (censored) address, it rejects even when the password (admittedly long and difficult) is correct:

if (!imap.Login("", "Ullll$lllllllUlllllll*nn")) throw new ImapException ("Invalid Email Address or Password");

The address is censored and the domain is other than Rackspace, but the email provider is Rackspace (in case it needs special config).

The pass is also censored where U is uppercase, l is lowercase and n is number. I left the special characters valid just in case one of them causes the problem.

The instruction works on any other of the 200 email addresses in our app.

Also, I tested the same config in the Rackspace web mail app and works there too.

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Delgado


I need some additional information:

1) Using verbose logging (by setting the imap.VerboseLogging property = True), please provide the contents of the imap.LastErrorText property captured after calling imap.Login

2) Set the imap.KeepSessionLog property = True, and then also send the contents of the imap.SessionLog property.

Also, did you really use a literal string within your app's source code? If so, maybe the chars are not correctly saved if using ANSI to save the source file?


Check to see if this new build fixes the problem:

I tested using two different servers (including GMail) where I set the password to your exact same password you were using, and both cases work.