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imap search aol

May 13 '13 at 16:39


I am trying to use in vs2012 c# to return a subset of emails using "FROM Brendan". The result is zero emails even though there are 3 emails in the account from Brendan. If I use "ALL" it returns the correct number which is the 8 test emails in the account inbox. Having copied the test emails to another email account on and using the exact same code I get the correct result of 3.

The code I used is from one of the examples and is:

Chilkat.MessageSet messageSet; // We can choose to fetch UIDs or sequence numbers. bool fetchUids; fetchUids = true;

            messageSet = imap.Search("FROM Brendan", fetchUids);
            if (messageSet == null)

        // Fetch the email headers into a bundle object:
            Chilkat.EmailBundle bundle;
            bundle = imap.FetchHeaders(messageSet);
            if (bundle == null)


Do I need to do something differently for aol accounts?

Thanks for your help.



Set the imap.KeepSessionLog property = true, then examine the contents of the imap.SessionLog property.