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While using the trial version I encrypted a bunch of files and now I'm trying to decrypt them using a real license (non trial), and they are not decrypting. The decryption worked when I was testing with the trial version. The only thing different is trial to real.

Any idea of why? Latest ActiveX, VFP9sp2, Win7-32b

Thanks, Stanley

asked Sep 18 '13 at 05:26

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If the trial hasn't expired, then it should work the same. If the trial expired, then a method could return with a failed-status (0/false, -1, null, etc. depending on the programming language and method call).


answered Sep 18 '13 at 08:45

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chilkat ♦♦

OK, the trial had not expired, however the encryption was done on a 64b Win8 machine and the decryption was attempted on a 32b Win7 machine. Would any of these combinations make any difference? And, why would the cryption values be any different regardless where or what crypt2 library was used? For me to be able to use this, it must be reliable across platforms and OSs, meaning that if I encrypt a file on Win8-64, I must be able to decrypt it on Linus, Win32, .net, python as long as I use the same version of the library and feed it the same key that was used for encryption.

Thanks, Stanley

(Sep 18 '13 at 19:54) stanlyn

OK, turns out that the key was too long and the control was not returning an exceptions which leaves one to believe it was happy...



answered Sep 18 '13 at 22:06

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