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I need to load the eml data of an email and then send it on via smtp without decrypting .p7m mime attachments. Is that possible? Email.LoadEml seems to decrypt the attachments and when I send it on the user only gets the decrypted version.

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asked Oct 07 '13 at 09:54

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It's not possible because the email object stores the email internal in an object model. The MIME is parsed, dissected, and stored in an object form (much the same way that a Document Object Model (DOM) XML parser would store an XML document. This causes the exactness of the MIME to be lost, and this causes problems with PKCS7.

The Chilkat MIME object, however, can be used to load MIME without decrypting (i.e. unwrapping the PKCS7 layers) and the MIME API can be used to access the headers, bodies, sub-parts, etc. It's a trade-off: The lower-level MIME API can be used to access MIME without disturbing it, or the higher-level Email API can be used to access the MIME w/ the specific semantics that the MIME is an email (not something else, such as an HTTP request, HTTP response, or any of the many other cases where MIME is an underlying format for some other protocol, standard, or Internet technology).


answered Oct 08 '13 at 09:37

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Ok, that could work for me.

So could I do this without causing decryption of the .p7m attachemnt: Use Mime.LoadMimeFile to load the file, then use some low-level manipulation functions to add an X-header or so and then use Mime.GetMime() to convert into a string and use Mailman.SendMime to send the email over to an smtp relay server?

So the Email object would be used to unpack and decrypt mime attachments and the Mime object would be used to manipulate mime without decrypting?



(Oct 08 '13 at 17:20) clausc
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