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How to encode base 64 html body?

Dec 30 '13 at 06:50

I've Chilkat 9.41 ActiveX in my vb6 project. I create an html page with images and load this Html with CHilkat MHT and get an email for send. Sometimes CHilkatMail2 encode my html body with "base64", sometimes in "quoted-printable" and i don't understand why. With base64, smtp server accept all emails. With quoted-printable, smtp server reject messages with error "554 Message refused". Now i want to encode mail always in "base64", but this doesn't happen!:

   Set MimeHtmlParts = Mht.GetMime(htmlReportPath)
   MimeHtmlParts.GetPart(0).Encoding = "base64"

   XMLFile.SetFromMimeObject MimeHtmlParts      
   XMLFile.GetMimeObject().GetPart(0).Encoding = "Base64"

Any Ideas?