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None of the XML routines work. Some of the methods do not exist, and the finds return NULL.

What is the trick on getting these to work?

asked Jan 31 '14 at 14:47

cdlvj130's gravatar image


I use the XML functionality extensively and don't have any problems. I think you'll need to post more information if you're hoping for help here. How about some code examples? What languages, platform etc?



answered Feb 01 '14 at 09:20

ReklawUK's gravatar image


+1 for what ReklawUK said.

Further, here is some Perl ChilkatXML example code that may be of help.

Also, based on your post in another thread, it sounds like you are interested in finding a particular tag maybe? If so, here's an example of the SearchForTag method.


answered Feb 01 '14 at 10:20

jpbro's gravatar image

jpbro ♦

edited Feb 01 '14 at 10:21

Thank you so much, the key is knowing how this is organized, which one is the child. Thanks again.


answered Feb 07 '14 at 08:58

cdlvj130's gravatar image


Glad you got it working! Knowledge is certainly key - and for future reference, if you give us some more information (such as code samples, data samples, LastErrorText results, etc...), then we will have a better chance of helping you solve your issues while working with the chilkat libraries. Cheers!

(Feb 07 '14 at 23:52) jpbro ♦
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