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Chilkat 9.5 Missing CkData CkDataArray

Jul 16 '14 at 21:07

I've finally started migrating from the individual 9.4 ActiveX libraries to the monolithic 9.5 library, and everything is going well except for a couple of missing classes, namely CkData and CkDataArray. Have these been deprecated, or is this just an oversight?

Accepted Answer

Yes, these are deprecated.


If you post how you might have been using them, then I can try to suggest an alternative..


Please do not kill off the ckData object. I use it in most of my project.

I am constantly uploading and downloading PDF files over FTP and HTTP. I find that using Ftp2.GetRemoteFileBinaryData, httprequest.LoadBodyFromBytes and Crypt2.HashStringENC with ckData is faster and uses less memory than with the 3rd party pdf objects I have. I prefer not to have to write of files to disk and continually re-read them.


Erik, no need to worry. You can continue to use the CkData object contained within the ChilkatUtil.dll. The new single-DLL ActiveX won't conflict with it.


Here you go: