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I list my uidls in my Connection, but it only lists them once. After i disconnect POP3 it seems to mark them as no longer available. All e-mail is still unread in my GMAIL account in the web interface. .GetMailboxCount(); .GetUidls(); GetUidls: -> UidlCount: 0 -> Success.

When i adjust my gmail: "Status: POP is enabled for all mail" and reassign: "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)" it will list the UIDLs again for only one session.

A normal POP3 account will list all e-mail available every session, but here it seems to mark them as read after i end the POP3Session.

Is there a way i can re-read every mail using GMAIL again when i read it using POP3 or something else ?


asked Sep 06 '14 at 03:51

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answered Sep 08 '14 at 08:43

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chilkat ♦♦

Already read it, not the answer i was looking for. I already read the page. Imap functions perfect, already implemented in the App. But still...... POP3S. It only lists the mail's once, not the second time....


answered Sep 08 '14 at 08:46

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