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My existing code written in .Net implements FtpWebRequest for file transfer to the server by establishing ftp connection.

We have the property : UseBinary

FtpWebRequest.UseBinary = True / False


We are now in the process of migrating our application using Chilkat Sftp to Sftp enabled server. I wonder whether there is any similar method in Chilkat for UseBinary Property.

asked Oct 07 '14 at 17:19

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If you are using methods such as UploadFileByName, DownloadFileByName, or any of the directory tree synchronization methods where your app doesn't explicitly open the remote file, then the file transfer is always binary mode (i.e. files are transferred byte-for-byte exactly as-is between client and server).

If your app instead explicitly opens a file via the OpenFile method, you may include the "textMode" keyword in the createDiposition argument. See the online reference for the SFtp.OpenFile method.


answered Oct 08 '14 at 08:32

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chilkat ♦♦

My understanding about FtpWebRequest.UseBinary Boolen determines whether to write CR LF or LF in the end of the line in the file. I tested my existing code by changing the boolen value from False to True. I noticed CR is written in the end of line. While i changed to False, I happened to CR omission.

(Oct 08 '14 at 14:43) chilldll
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