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In my iPad application, I need to either read a .mht file or convert the .mht file to a .html file. Am not sure whether Chilkat library helps me in reading a .mht file, but I found there is a method - (BOOL)UnpackMHT to unpack the .mht file and convert it to a .html file. I have set the directory path where the output .html file should get stored. But the problem is, when I call the - (BOOL)UnpackMHT method, there is no output .html file created in my directory. Can anyone help me out?

asked Oct 29 '14 at 09:13

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Look at the contents of the LastErrorText after calling UnpackMHT. If you passed a relative path, then the output file will be relative to the current working directory of the application. Pass an absolute directory if you don't know the current working directory.


answered Oct 30 '14 at 22:35

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chilkat ♦♦

Tried to view the contents of the mht.LastErrorText property after calling UnpackMHT, but it did not return any FALSE statements and below is the response I got in my Xcode console.

2014-10-30 15:45:58.987 MHTViewer[1455:43524] Last error textChilkatLog:


Seems like the content is empty. I've tried with sample .mht files that had some content in it. But when I try to print the content using LastErrorText, it shows nothing.

And even if the file is created in some other directory, when I do a whole Mac search with the file name, the file should appear right? But it doesn't.

(Oct 31 '14 at 04:42) ajitwl07
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