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VB6 toolbox palette icons are blacked out for the Chilkat ActiveX objects?

May 25 '16 at 11:24

I recently converted an older vb6.0 project to the unified dll

It appears that the toolbox icons are not in the correct format as shown in the attached picture

alt text


The Chilkat ActiveX should be "referenced" and not "added".

In Visual Basic 6.0, you can either "Add a Reference" to a component, or "Add the Component" to your palette.

With Chilkat you should Add a Reference and instantiate the object instance dynamically via the New keyword. You shouldn't "Add the Component" and you shouldn't drag-and-drop onto your VB6 form.

The Chilkat objects are non-visual and Chilkat does not intend to provide icons for IDE toolbox palettes. It's best practice to instantiate the Chilkat objects dynamically.