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IMAP and Self-Cert SSL?

May 13 '15 at 10:27

Hi Guys,

We're using your IMAP component and it's working perfectly at a number of customer sites. We're about to roll our software out to a new client but they have a self-cert SSL system in place and wanted to know if this would cause a problem with accessing mailboxes (we're setting the SSL property on the IMAP control to true and setting the port to be 993). We're 99% certain that it won't but wanted to know what the 'official line' was regarding such a setup.

Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be much appreciated

Accepted Answer

I don't think it should cause any trouble. :)


As way of an update, the customer didn't have any problems.

Thanks for your help with this =:)


That's what we thought but thanks for the reassurance.

We're getting the client to give it a try so if we do hit problems we'll report back

Mucho gracias =:)