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Hi, Could you please help me to understand the feasibility of using chilkat SFTP .net dll in Biztalk Application?. If anyone has experience please let me know.

Thanks, Reji

asked May 13 '15 at 07:12

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The only concern is whether it's possible to use a mixed-mode assembly within the BizTalk application environment. (A mixed-mode assembly is a .NET assembly that offers a managed API, but has an internal core that is compiled to native code. Chilkat .NET is a mixed-mode assembly. Note: Chilkat for Mono provides a fully-managed assembly, where the native implementation is external in a separate DLL/dylib/.so)

After doing a few Google searches, I think it's possible. I Googled "mixed-mode assembly in biztalk" and found issues relating to mismatched framework versions (2.0 vs. 4.0), but nothing indicating that it was not possible. The information in the search result seem to imply that it should work (assuming you're i's are dotted and your t's are crossed..)


answered May 13 '15 at 10:36

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