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Has anything changed in relation to line returns in Mailman between and

I've just upgraded my project to the latest version and now when sending emails using the same code I'm now getting emails come through to recipient as


instead of


I'm unable to find a download of again to confirm that it's a change in Chilkat that has caused the problem opposed to any other changes I have made, do you have an archived link so I can confirm?

asked Jun 08 '15 at 04:29

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edited Jun 08 '15 at 04:33

I am not aware of anything that would cause it, and no other users have reported the same.

To help others understand how to recreate the problem, create a very simple (meaning the simplest possible case) that reproduces the problem with no unknowns (i.e. all values passed to Chilkat methods are hard-coded literal strings so we can see the exact data.)


answered Jun 08 '15 at 07:43

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chilkat ♦♦

I've just recompiled my project (it's a Plugin for FileMaker) with and the email is correct. But when I use the email loses all line returns. No other changes were made to the project or to the test file to send the email.

I can't download to test that, but something must have changed in Chilkat between those two versions?

I'm using VC++ 8.0 win32 in case that is relevant.

(Jun 18 '15 at 07:07) Dempsey
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