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Line Returns lost when sending email

Mar 31 '17 at 06:34

Has anything changed in relation to line returns in Mailman between and

I've just upgraded my project to the latest version and now when sending emails using the same code I'm now getting emails come through to recipient as


instead of


I'm unable to find a download of again to confirm that it's a change in Chilkat that has caused the problem opposed to any other changes I have made, do you have an archived link so I can confirm?


I am not aware of anything that would cause it, and no other users have reported the same.

To help others understand how to recreate the problem, create a very simple (meaning the simplest possible case) that reproduces the problem with no unknowns (i.e. all values passed to Chilkat methods are hard-coded literal strings so we can see the exact data.)


I've recently had to look at this issue again and now have some more info.

The lines from FileMaker are separated using carriage returns but windows expects CRLF.

I no longer have the and downloads to test with, but would any code have changed between them that would have previously been automatically converting CRs to CRLFs?

I found the below in the Release Notes for but not sure if this change could be related if made internally or would only effect CSVs?

"CSV: When writing CSV’s, the inner LF, CRLF, etc. of a row will now remain unmodified. The Crlf property controls the line-endings for each entire row, but should have no effect (and cause no changes) of LF / CRLF usage within any given cell."

If not is this something that can be added?

Hope I've made sense.