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Have a product called GoldMine that utilizes Chilkat modules for its email client and lately have noticed a significant increase in the application crashing during the decoding process while retrieving email. Unfortunately, it doesn't log what in the process failed and just crashes. The manufacturer of GoldMine had been silent for the most part on the issue.

asked Jun 08 '15 at 10:16

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It is likely you are using an old version of GoldMine with an old version of Chilkat, or perhaps the current version of GoldMine with an old version of Chilkat. There are no known crash bugs in the current version of Chilkat. All reported crash problems have been fixed. It is likely that the solution is to update to the latest version of GoldMine, or communicate with GoldMine to have them update to the latest version of Chilkat.


answered Jun 08 '15 at 10:18

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For reference, it's Goldmine being out of date, not the user, I'm using the latest version (2014.2.0.822 currentley) and it's using a Chilkat version dated Sep 18 2008!!


answered Aug 05 '15 at 04:05

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