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we are using the Chilkat.NET IMAP library v9.5.0.51 to fetch emails from a mail server. Most of the time, this works fine. For some mails, however, the "From" address loses parts of the encoded information. The mail header I see using a different tool is:

From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?=22M=FCller=2C_Ralf=22?= <ralf.mueller@example.com>

When using the EmailBundle.GetEmail(int).From property, the value retrieved is:

Müller, Ralf<ralf.mueller@example.com>

As you can see, the string is losing quotes (=22) and is also missing the space between the full name and the mail address. Is this a bug in your library or are we using it wrongly?

Thanks for your help and kind regards,




This seems to be an issue, that was introduced with a new version of the library. Before, we were using v9.5.0.39 and everything seems to be fine in our database. We upgraded due to instabilities in the older version:

System.AccessViolationException Stack: at <Module>.ClsImap.FetchBundle(ClsImap, ClsMessageSet, ProgressEvent*) at Chilkat.Imap.FetchBundle(Chilkat.MessageSet)

asked Jul 27 '15 at 04:52

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