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Wrong french characters in mail subject

Nov 06 '15 at 05:21

We have been using the Chilkat.Email2 & Chilkat.MailMan2 components for VBscript for a while now.

However, we have always had a problem with the mail subject lines when they contain French accented characters (éèà...)

I have read many posts on the internet, however I cannot get it solved.

Our situation : An external website sends a UTF-8 encoded XML to our internal Windows server. The XML contains the subject line.

On our internal server, a scheduled VBscript picks up the XML and composes the email (chilkat). However, when the mail is sent, french accented characters are swapped for other characters on windows systems. Mac mail clients seem to receive the mail as intented.

The VBscript file is encoded as UTF-8 We have tried setting the email.Charset = "iso-8859-1" & also email.Charset = "UTF-8" with no difference We have also tried setting email.Language = "latin1" with no difference

The email body has the same problem, but we have solved this by first encoding the body as html, thus all the correct characters are displayed. However, html is not working inside the subject field, it shows the html codes, unlike the body.

Any help is appreciated.