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How do I get the HTTP response after calling the CkHttp_SynchronousRequestAsync?

Nov 06 '15 at 12:07

I want to do a HTTP request asynchronously by using the CkHttp_SynchronousRequestAsync function (C API), but I'm not seeing any way of getting the HTTP response once the async call finishes. How can I do that? The CkHttp_SynchronousRequest function returns a HCkHttpResponse, which I can process, but how can I do it asynchronously?

Accepted Answer

After the async call has completed, you can get the result by calling the CkHttpResponse_LoadTaskResult function.

BOOL CkHttpResponse_LoadTaskResult(HCkHttpResponse cHandle, HCkTask task);

Introduced in version

Loads the HTTP response from a completed asynchronous task.

Returns TRUE for success, FALSE for failure.

You would instantiate a new/empty HTTP response object, then load it with the task result, like this:

HCkHttpResponse response = CkHttpResponse_Create();
BOOL success = CkHttpResponse_LoadTaskResult(response, task);

For any asynchronous Chilkat method that returns a Chilkat object (of type T), there will be a corresponding T::LoadTaskResult method. Given that "C" is not object-oriented, it is a function using object handles.