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Hi i send request to a server using HTTP i get empty response ( nothing) i get this as HTTPlast error

    <DllDate>Mar  6 2015</DllDate>
    <Architecture>Little Endian; 32-bit</Architecture>
    <Language>.NET 4.0</Language>
              <startLine>POST /api/Reema HTTP/1.1</startLine>
            <info>Not auto-adding cookies.</info>
            <info>Opening connection directly to HTTP server.</info>
                              <error>No server hello received yet.</error>
                  <error>Client handshake failed. (3)</error>

now the company said that they changed something, thats why iam not getting a response( the response i get is empty) its used to work on the oldcompany api - when i callled them they told me that other companies are connecting on me have a problem, so they want me to see that if u have any updates

they send me this P

lease check these information, Included Ciphers ("TLS_DHE_RSA." ,"TLS_ECDHE.");
Excluded Ciphers (".NULL.", ".RC4.", ".MD5.",".DES.",".DSS.");
Exclude Protocols ("SSL","SSLv2","SSLv2Hello","SSLv3");

this is my code:

Dim Req As Chilkat.HttpRequest = New Chilkat.HttpRequest()
            Dim http As Chilkat.Http = New Chilkat.Http()
            Dim success As Boolean
            success = http.UnlockComponent("30-day trial")
            http.Accept = "text/xml"
            http.AllowGzip = False
            Req.Charset = "UTF-8"
            http.SslProtocol = "TLS 1.2 or higher"
            http.AddQuickHeader("Cookie", "JSESSIONID=1234")
            Dim certificate As String = "\cert.pfx"
            http.SetSslClientCertPfx(My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath & "\" & certificate, "arvixe")

            Dim resp As Chilkat.HttpResponse = Nothing
            resp = http.PostJson(Server, jsonText)

any help?thanx

asked Nov 09 '15 at 09:26

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edited Nov 09 '15 at 17:38

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answered Nov 09 '15 at 17:37

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