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I am very eager to use a new bit of functionality in the newest version of Chilkat. Specifically the multi ssh part. It will help me punch through a project I've been working on for awhile now.

Any idea when it will be available for download or through NuGet for dotNet46? Or where I might be able to get the pre-release version to test with?



asked Dec 05 '15 at 07:37

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Thanks Adeian,

It's not possible to provide a build at this point due to other ongoing work (unrelated). I can post a .NET 4.6 pre-release build here as soon as it is possible. I don't know when that will be though..

Regarding NuGet and .NET 4.6 -- I recall there were some issues with doing this in the last release. I can't remember what they were -- my guess is that NuGet did not allow for separate .NET 4.5 vs 4.6 builds, but I may be incorrect..


answered Dec 07 '15 at 09:10

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chilkat ♦♦

Thanks, I'll be eagerly waiting.

(Dec 13 '15 at 01:22) Adeian

Super bummed!! I noticed that was released and available to download. So I bought a bundle license and downloaded it for .Net4.6.

The versions in the download section are for .Net46 and don't include the ssh.connectthrough method I need. The download for .Net45 is the correct version 9.5.055 but also doesn't have the new method. The NuGet package is .052 also and doesn't have what I need.

Did this new functionality get pulled out of the release?


answered Jan 02 '16 at 04:02

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Adeian, the v9.5.0.55 release is still ongoing. The NuGet packages are updated last -- just in case there is a problem discovered. (Because once a NuGet version is released, any update must be a new version..) The ConnectThrough method was not removed. Please hang tight.. Chilkat is working through some issues, releasing for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), PHP 7.0, and Raspberry Pi 2 (ucs4), etc..

(Jan 02 '16 at 10:49) chilkat ♦♦

The only issue with the .NET 4.6 builds was that the version in the DLL resource (.rc) was not updated. I updated the .rc version, and re-uploaded. All should be OK now.

(Jan 04 '16 at 11:19) chilkat ♦♦

You guys are awesome and I can't imagine supporting so many platforms. But I just downloaded the new version uploaded today in the download section and it's the same. A few k larger but still missing the connectthrough method. The file version is showing also. The method is missing from the Net45 version also.

I've kind of solved my problem using one tunnel and social engineering (bottle of Scotch to a network admin) ;) But a more manager friendly version is needed. ;)

I don't mean to bug you all and feel free to tell me to piss off at anytime. I'll still think you rock.

(Jan 04 '16 at 14:02) Adeian

Thanks. I downloaded from chilkatsoft.com just now to test, and all seems OK. Maybe there's some caching on your end??

(Jan 04 '16 at 22:36) chilkat ♦♦

It's possible but would need to be in the network somewhere. I've used a couple different networks (AT&T) and direct over the backbone from level 3. I'll let it percolate in the system for awhile. :)

(Jan 06 '16 at 02:06) Adeian

Thought I would show you the object browser just in case: object browser


answered Jan 04 '16 at 14:19

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