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why cannot find a content-type supported by your client ?

Sep 26 '12 at 14:54

*VFP 9 SP2


1) Please don't post your unlock code.

2) Please enclose code listings within "<pre>" and "<" tags to make them readable.

3) The AddQuickHeader method only applies to other methods where an HttpRequest object is not used, such as in QuickGetStr. Any method, such as SynchronousRequest, where an HTTP request object is explicitly passed, you may add the HTTP header via the HttpRequest.AddHeader method. See

4) The LastHeader, LastResponseHeader, and LastContentType properties apply to methods where no HTTP response object is returned. For methods such as SynchronousRequest, which return an HTTP response object, you may get this information directly from the HTTP response object. See The content-type of the response can be obtained via the responseObject.GetHeaderField("Content-Type") method call.